The Blue Jewel of Africa

There is something rather romantic about the idea of a train ride. I don’t mean a rushed journey on a crowded metro, subway or underground train. I'm talking about an old school voyage from the pages of an Agatha Christie novel, of course without the excitement of Poirot. How much more sensational it would be if this train could feature the beauty of African landscape through the windows of luxurious ensuite rooms. Better yet if I could also dine with guests as we would decades ago, men in dinner jackets or waistcoats and women in elegant gowns. This isn’t a figment of my imagination. The Blue Train brings to life all the wonder and charm of travelling across the South African Landscape in lavish conditions.

What Does the Daily Routine of a "Virtual Idol" Look Like? We Spoke with 4 to Find Out

It’s no secret that computer-generated influencers have been on the rise for a while now. With major influences from the original holographic Japanese pop-star Hatsune Miku to the Internet’s first Brazilian-Spanish digital fashion icon Lil Miquela, more “virtual idols” have been entering the industry and are gaining hundreds of thousands of followers by the minute. The community has been rapidly diversifying its niches through individuals like noonoouri, Shudu, Ruby Gloom and Imma who all speci

The Diigitals Muses // Ama Badu

Ama Badu helps write Shudu's story and gives her a voice. 'I have always been a writer and I have always known that I have a story in me. Growing up I collected issues of Ebony, Essence, Vogue and anything else I could get my hands on. I watched and rewatch episodes of shows like Ugly Betty and Sex in the City - this is before everything was available online, I either had to be home to watch it or record it. Ah, I thought, I wouldn’t just be a writer, I would be a journalist.

Redefining Beauty

We grow up hearing words like these, usually said to comfort us when we feel less beautiful. As we mature and as the world around us changes, we become aware of how fixated the world is on beauty. Young girls quickly become conscious of what it means to be pretty. They grow up into teenagers who mask their insecurities with layers of makeup and products before evolving into young women who either outgrow these insecurities or become consumed by them...

Embracing My Curves: Five Steps To Body Positivity

I do not recall a time when I was not conscious of my weight. I have never been happy with my dress size, no matter how big or small. The past two years have been particularly challenging and food became my comfort. Of course I put on weight. This summer I decided I had two options: I could continue as I was, paranoid about my weight, digging myself into a deeper depression or I could take control of the situation. I chose the latter and this is my journey so far...

Waris Dirie: Beyond Beauty. Beyond Fashion

"A slight sound woke me, and when I opened my eyes, I was staring into the face of a lion.” These are the opening words of Desert Flower, an autobiographical account which follows Waris Dirie’s life from Galkayo to Mogadishu, out of Somalia and onto international runways. I first read this book at the age of seventeen. Her story moved me to tears. It inspired me to keep going, reminding me that any obstacle can be overcome...